A trip to Paris, a shopping spree in Italy, an adventurous road trip in Thailand, a private suite in Beverly Hills during summer vacation, nature walks in the enchanting Vancouver Islands and an endless supply of everything nice. These are some of the perks of being a sugar baby!

But in order to enjoy every financial, physical, and emotional benefit that comes from being a sugar baby, you first have to stay safe. How? You may ask? Please read this article to learn more about some of the sure, easy-to-follow, and implement safety tips for sugar babies.

Tips for sugar babies on how to stay safe 

Below are some of the safety tips for both novice and veteran sugar babies;

#1. Don’t reveal your vital information 

Technology has made it relatively easy to find anyone within a matter of hours by using their vital information. And what is this essential information, you may ask? Your name, your address, phone number, workplace, and even the institution or school you attend are some of the vital information that one may use to pin your location.

In order to stay safe as a sugar baby, I highly recommend that you don’t share any of the above details until you get to know your sugar daddy or sugar mummy better. Consider using easy-to-remember and realistic nicknames in the beginning. 

#2. Use a different phone number for communication

It’s vital that you also get a phone number for the sole purpose of communicating with your sugar daddy or sugar mummy. Consider using a google phone number or a skype-online number. Implementing this tip not only helps ensure your safety but also enables you to distinctly distinguish an online caller from a ‘not online’ caller.

#3. Perform a background check on your potential sugar daddy or sugar mummy

It may seem creepy or quite a paranoid move to perform a background check on your potential sugar daddy or mummy when getting to know them online. But trust me when I tell you it’s not. Explore your detective skills in you by digging into all the information about your soon-to-be sugar daddy or mummy by checking on their Facebook accounts (most but not all rich people love & publishing their achievements on social media). 

You can also do a reverse phone look-up. To do a reverse phone look-up, you will have to convince your sugar mommy or daddy to provide you with their official names and phone number, something I doubt they will be reluctant to do.

Doing so enables you to determine whether or not your potential sugar daddy or mommy is who they claim to be and also allows you to decide if you want to pursue things further with them.

#4. Please get to know the person through phone calls before meeting them in person

Before meeting a sugar daddy or mommy in person, take your time and get to know them through phone calls. You can tell if someone is lying through a phone call if they;

·Keep clearing their throats after asking them a question

·Become hostile after asking them a question that needs straightforward answers

·Keep pausing in mid-conversation when answering a question

·Tell you too much or too little information

#5. Never meet in a secluded, private, or in a place unknown to you

It’s crucial that you always meet your sugar daddy or mommy in an open or public area. Choose a park that is frequently visited. You can also choose a hotel or a café which has an open space layout. It will also help if you have a friend accompany you 3-4 times during your physical meet-up with your new sugar mommy or daddy.